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236 carat fancy-colored diamond breaks records

The Ebelyakh mine in Yakutia has yielded the largest natural fancy-colored rough diamond ever extracted in Russia. Estimated to be 120-230 million years old, the 236-carat yellow-brown crystal measures 47 x 24 x 22 mm.

Only one out of an estimated 10,000 rough diamonds mined is fancy-colored. This has resulted in steady historic growth in value for natural colored diamonds over time, with prices increasing 12% on average per year for nearly two decades.

Russian River Riches

Operated by Almazy Anabara, a subsidiary of ALROSA, the Ebelyakh deposit is an alluvial operation on the Anabar River. That river’s basin is the largest known concentration of diamond deposits in the world outside of Africa and Australia. Since 2017 Ebelyakh has treated us to a number of notable natural fancy-colored diamonds.

Image credit: Wikipedia

The Spirit of the Rose

In October of 2017, weighing 27.85 carats and measuring 22.47 x 15.69 x 10.9 mm, the “Nijinsky” natural rough diamond, unearthed at Ebelyakh, was the largest pink crystal ever mined in Russia.

Photo credit: ALROSA

It was fashioned into polished form in Moscow. The result is a 14.83 carat Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink diamond with Internally Flawless clarity named “The Spirit of the Rose,” which has its own website and video.

The Spirit of The Rose from ICEBERG LLC on Vimeo.

The Firebird

In late 2017, Ebelyakh produced the largest yellow crystal ever extracted in Russia. Dubbed the “Stravinski” rough diamond after Igor Stravinski, the famous Russian who composed “The Firebird” ballet, the 34.17 carat vivid yellow rough measured 20.17 mm х 19.65 mm х 15.1 mm.

Photo credit: ALROSA

Diamond cutters in Moscow performed their own polishing music on the crystal, fashioning “Stravinski” into “The Firebird,” a 20.69 carat Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond with high clarity and finish. Ultimately purchased by Graff, this product of ALROSA’s rich Ebelyakh mine also boasts its own website and video.

Plans for the newcomer

Pavel Vinikhin, Head of Diamonds, ALROSA cutting and polishing division commented on their newest 236-carat treasure.

Such a large natural color rough diamond is a unique discovery. Now, the stone is at ALROSA’s United Selling Organization being studied and evaluated by our specialists. After that, we will decide whether to give it to our manufacturers for cutting or sell it as a rough. Of course, cutters in any country will be interested in such a diamond, as it has the potential to give several high quality polished diamonds.

Photo credit: ALROSA

Given the wonderful results we’ve seen before, we’ll be watching with anticipation!

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