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IGI invites world to ‘Collision & Fusion’ Jewelry Design contest

A chance to win awards, cash-prizes, education, recognition and exposure.

A lifetime opportunity

IGI is calling upon the world’s creatives to step forward and contribute. The 2020 IGI JEWEL Jewelry Design Contest invites jewelers, artists, teachers, students and fans alike to submit design-concepts in four categories by August 20. Participation is free of charge and open to anyone, whether professional or not.

A special jury

IGI’s international panel of prestigious judges for this event include Stephen WebsterDavid Gotlib, Paola De Luca, Alexandre CorrotMauro Vegliante, Maria Laura La Mantia, Philip Sajet and invited art-jurist Ms. Wang Jin Yuan of Fosun. This special jury will evaluate thematic submissions from perspectives of creativity, use of materials, budget/cost, feasibility of production and wearability.

The contest theme, “Collision and Fusion,” has dual meaning. Implying crystal collision in gemstone growth and stylistic cultural fusion, it also reflects the collision of our shared global experience and the fusion of human adaptation during these unprecedented times.


Up to 30 finalists will be selected to advance to the fabrication stage. Underwritten by IGI and event partner House of Jewelry Creation, every finalist will enjoy seeing his or her creative design vision brought to life by a manufacturer.

Each finalist will receive a Contest Excellence Award trophy, certificate, introduction to the media and a chance to receive support from jewelry brands towards further development. All finalist designs will receive exposure on a physical tour of various trade events and expositions, along with online promotion through a series of professional channels.

The Special Jury will select one Contest Grand Champion and two Silver Medalists. These winners will all receive cash prizes and scholarships toward coursework in one of IGI’s International Schools of Gemology. The Special Jury will issue four additional Outstanding Design Awards, one for each contest category. Those recipients will also receive cash prizes and scholarships toward IGI coursework.

‘Collision and Fusion’

IGI CEO Roland Lorie describes the inspiration behind the theme:

In the history of the jewelry industry, every collision and fusion of civilizations can produce a classic era. For example, the Art Deco era 100 years ago, the Craft and Arts Movement about the same time, etc. The current world is undergoing unprecedented changes and fusion. Far better than 100 years ago, we hope to fully inspire designers with a global perspective and hope to give birth to the classics of our current time.

Full Information

Contest brochure: View pdf
Please address any questions to:


  • Submissions will be accepted through August 20.
  • Finalists will be announced September 1.
  • Fabrication, and judging will conclude on November 1.
  • The 2020 IGI JEWEL Jewelry Design Contest awards ceremony will be broadcast live globally on November 25.
  • Finalists and their guests will be invited to attend live, should they wish to appear in person and circumstances permitting.

Entry Categories

  • Diamond
  • Colored Gemstone
  • Gold
  • Creative Material


  • The contest is open to designers, jewelers, craftsmen, teachers, students and enthusiasts, whether professional or not.
  • Participation is free of charge.
  • Judges will evaluate submissions from perspectives of creativity, use of materials, budget/cost, feasibility of production and wearability.


  • Materials from endangered species such as coral, ivory and tortoiseshell shall not be used.
  • The category entered should reflect the focus of the design. For example: Submissions to the “Diamond” category should feature diamond as the work’s central focus.
  • Submission requirements: Entrants may submit only one design in each category. The same entry cannot be selected for two awards at the same time.
  • Design budget: While there is no need to produce a finished product at the submission stage, the cost of the design must be 3,000 US dollars or less.


IGI invites all jewelry designers, design institutes and gemstone enthusiasts from around the world to actively participate. We are looking forward to the 2020 IGI JEWEL Jewelry Design Competition and the discovery of new creative talent.

Please contact with any questions.

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