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Congratulations to Yates Jewelers, California – Grand Prize Winner

IGI is pleased to announce that Yates & Co Jewelers of Modesto California is the winner of this year’s Jewelers On A Mission sustainability campaign. As the grand prize recipient, Yates Jewelers will be awarded $5,000 toward achieving carbon neutrality.

Yates Jewelers
Photo credit: Yates & Co Jewelers

The Mission

Launched in September, IGI’s “Jewelers On A Mission” campaign invited eligible retail jewelers across the United States to complete a brief application describing why sustainability is important to their business and community. All participants are receiving IGI’s playbook and roadmap to improving sustainability efforts. Yates Jewelers will receive direct assistance, working with IGI and sustainability partner SCS Global (SCS) to offset their carbon emissions. Store Manager Ashton Yates-Wooley commented on the award:

Utilizing ethically sourced materials for our fine jewelry has always been top priority and continues to be, but we are ready to do more. With the help of IGI and SCS we will transform our operations, furthering our environmental stewardship.

Ashton Yates-Wooley
Ashton Yates-Wooley


Leading By Example

IGI applauds all who have joined the Jewelers On A Mission campaign. The world’s first gemological institute to commit to carbon neutrality, IGI believes the environment is interdependent on all of us, and every organization has a role to play. It is crucial that the gemological community answer world leaders’ calls to prevent further climate change and protect the planet, which is why the Institute is creating a community of jewelers dedicated to sustainability. IGI North American President Avi Levy is pleased by the responses the initiative has generated:

We are thrilled by the passionate responses from jewelers seeking to advance their environmental efforts. We recognize that taking on carbon neutrality and other best practices may be challenging to implement. As a leader, we are determined to take what we have learned and empower others to take action where they can.

Avi Levy
Avi Levy

You Can Still Act

While this year’s award has been presented, interested jewelers may still join the mission by signing up to receive existing and future materials from IGI toward improving sustainability efforts.

Jewelers On A Mission

About Yates & Co Jewelers

Yates Jewelers has been serving the Modesto area since 1988 with fine jewelry selections. The company started by selling rare coins, heirloom jewelry and diamonds from private individuals and estates. Today, they are known for custom bridal and recycled vintage jewelry. To date, the company has connected with customers across the U.S. and 27 other countries.

Learn more about Yates Jewelers.

Yates Jewelers
Photo credit: Yates & Co Jewelers

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