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DeBeers ‘ReSet Collective’ launches with 5 prominent jewelry designers

DeBeers has launched an initiative titled ReSet; a series of collaborations with jewelry designers spotlighting the positive impact of natural diamonds and stimulating conversations about sustainability.

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The ReSet Collective

Introduced today, the ReSet Collective involves five jewelry designers from the United States who traveled to Botswana last year. Their journey involved a visit to DeBeers’ mining operations and a look at how DeBeers and the government of Botswana collaborate on environmental sustainability measures, ethical practices and community involvement. You can read more about some of those measures in our prior coverage of Livia Firth and ‘The Diamonds of Botswana.’

The Artists and their Designs

Inspired by the people they met and the beautiful landscapes and wildlife they witnessed, each of these professionals has designed a unique pendant with DeBeers diamonds.

Click to see Jade Trau’s bio and design.

Since establishing her own namesake brand, Jade has used her vast years of experience in the diamond industry to pay homage to her family heritage as a fifth generation diamantaire. Her belief is that jewellery should become an extension of the wearer and empower self-expression, which is why storytelling and enhancing the inherent magical beauty of a diamond are at the forefront of her brand.

Click to see Jennie Kwon’s bio and design.

A native of Los Angeles and a former violinist and attorney, Jennie creates meaningful jewellery with a soul, underpinned by thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship. She takes inspiration from the art, natural beauty and style that surround her. Each of her pieces is meticulously designed to be graceful, balanced and wearable, with unforgettably unique accents.

Click to see Julez Bryant’s bio and design.

Julez began her creative journey after her dear friend lost his life to cancer. Upon his passing, he gifted her a bracelet, which Julez converted into her first jewellery design. Her humble creative outlet has organically grown into an established fine jewellery brand, built on the belief that women should feel empowered in the jewellery they choose to wear.

Click to see Sara Weinstock’s bio and design.

Growing up with a deep love for jewellery since her younger days marvelling at her grandmother’s heirlooms, Sara weaves storytelling and masterful creativity into her designs. Her Los Angeles-based brand was born from the desire to empower, inspire and free women to express their own unique style, independence and femininity.

Click to see Zoë Chicco’s bio and design.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Zoë discovered her knack for jewellery design at an early age when she fell in love with her grandmother’s vast collection. By the time she attended college in New York, she had committed to a lifelong pursuit of adornment design.


The unique pieces produced as part of the “ReSet Collective” will be available for purchase through auction, with proceeds donated to charity.

DeBeers’ ReSet initiative “aims to help ‘reset’ perceptions and shine a light on the significant positive contribution that natural diamonds deliver for the people and places where they are found, by collaborating with established and up-and-coming jewelry designers who will set diamonds discovered by De Beers into a range of pieces, celebrating sustainability in the sector.”

You can learn more on DeBeers’ ReSet webpage and @debeersgroup on Instagram.

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