IGI eLearning

For jewelry professionals and enthusiasts.
There’s a lot happening in our industry right now – be sure to learn the latest.

IGI eLearning teaches core gemological fundamentals while emphasizing modern information diamond, gem and jewelry buyers are most interested in.
Courses are interactive! Learners make choices along the way, verifying material is understood, resulting in 80% higher engagement than traditional online learning.

  • Each course takes less than 45 minutes to complete
  • Each 5 section course ends with a 12-question quiz
  • Go to the eLearning Course Menu for descriptions
  • Each course is passed with quiz score of 80% or better
  • After passing, learners receive a course summary PDF
  • Train your whole staff! Let’s discuss volume licensing.
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Learners make choices along the way for 80% higher engagement than traditional online learning.

Volume Licensing and Customization

Professionals – educate your whole team. Learn about licensing for groups of professionals and customized sales training for your store.

Knowledge is Power

“Those who know the latest developments are going to serve their clients best.”

-Avi Levy, President, IGI North America