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Gold and Time features IGI Design Contest Winners

The top winners of IGI’s Jewel Jewelry Design Contest, which attracted over 700 submissions, have been featured in Gold and Time, the NEXO Group’s digital platform for professional information on jewelry and watches, based in Madrid, Spain. The article appears on the website and has been translated into English, below.

Extended coverage with additional winning images can be found in this IGI GemBlog post.


Courtesy, Gold and Time

IGI reveals jewelry contest winners and raises a new call

GOLDTIME | Wednesday, February 17, 2021

After convening an international jewelry competition attended by 700 designers from around the world last July, the International Gemological Institute (IGI) has just released the results: Three winners will have a cash prize, in addition to international training in gemology by IGI, as well as the commercialization of its pieces by associated manufacturers.

The theme of the contest, “Collision and Fusion,” had a double meaning. The collision of crystals in gemstone growth and stylistic cultural fusion, along with the also collision of our shared global experience and the fusion of human adaptation throughout this pandemic. Winners:

Courtesy, Gold and Time

Light of the spirit

Concept: Western Art Deco meets Eastern Zen and carbide texture is mixed with light chiffon. It is intended to express: Although people cannot prolong their lives, they can determine the length of their lives. No matter what the situation is, the inner spiritual light still shines and continues.

Materials: Gold (12g), diamonds and 80mm x 50mm tulle.

Courtesy, Gold and Time


Concept: Brushstroke Dragon and Serpent calligraphy is described as vivid and vigorous. It comes from the verses of Li Bai admiring the calligraphy of the great calligrapher Huai Su. This work is designed with the word “snake” as the shape.

Materials: Diamonds and gold.

Courtesy, Gold and Time

The Garden of Dreams

Concept: Inspired by the Kunqu opera, The Peony Pavilion, the play is based on the theme of the play “A Dream in the Garden” and recreates the beautiful love story. Dream (the upper part of the earrings) and love (the lower part of the earrings) are connected by the “garden” (the central part). The dream is false but love is true.

Materials: gold, sapphires, tourmalines, emeralds, tsavorites, turquoise, diamonds.

“The IGI JEWEL Jewelry Design Contest aims to foster artistic communication, cultural diversity and beauty through contemporary jewelry design. We hope that the outstanding works of this year’s contest will attract and inspire future participation from creatives from everyone who loves jewelry, design and life” added the Institute, which is already preparing a next edition this year.

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