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IGI Certifies 10 carat Heart Shaped Lab Grown Diamond

IGI’s laboratory in Mumbai, India, recently graded a large, heart shaped lab grown diamond.

Certified as weighing 10.02 carats, IGI gemologists determined the diamond had been grown using the High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) process. Assessed as colorless (D color) with very slight inclusions (VS2 clarity), the craftsmanship of the 10.02 carat heart shape received grades of “Excellent.” The choice of fancy shape, top color grade and exceptional craftsmanship combine to make this large, heart-shaped specimen unique.

See the Vision360 Videoheart shaped lab grown diamond certified by IGI India

Steady Demand

The popular optical properties of diamond, combined with the use of advanced technology to grow them, has undeniable appeal for certain audiences. Lab grown diamonds are experiencing steadily increasing demand among consumers, establishing their niche in the jewelry market.

IGI pioneered the grading of lab grown diamonds in 2005. That historic decision provided a first-foothold in terms of authenticity and standardization for this growing industry segment. For more than 45 years, IGI has protected consumers will full reporting on diamonds, gemstones and finished jewelry. In April of 2021 IGI became the world’s first gemological institute to earn ISO accreditation for both natural and lab grown diamonds.

Learn more about lab grown diamonds and the two methods by which they are produced – High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) – on IGI’s Learn With Videos page.

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