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IGI Certifies World Record Watch with 17K Diamonds

IGI recently certified a timepiece which now holds a Guinness World Record. Created by Renani Jewels of India, the piece is adorned with 17,524 diamonds, the most ever set on a watch. The previous record, set in 2018 by Aaron Shum Jewelry Ltd. of Hong Kong, incorporated 15,858 diamonds.

The record setting piece features a total of 54.70 carats of diamonds. There is a single natural 0.72 carat round brilliant diamond of D color and VVS clarity, accompanied by 17,511 smaller natural round brilliant diamonds with E-F color and VVS-VS clarity, 12 treated black diamonds and 113 colored stones. Each of the diamonds was tested individually by IGI.

World Record Watch
Credit: Renani Jewels

The Watch of Good Fortunes

The watch is named Srinkia, the watch of good fortunes. Inspired by ancient Indian mythology, Srinkia means flower, which is in the heart of Lord Vishnu, and also signifies Lakshmi, the Indian goddess of wealth and good fortunes.

World Record Watch
Credit: Renani Jewels

Concept to Creation

The construction of the watch began with hand-drawn sketches. After the initial design was finalized, it was recreated in 3D as a computer-aided design (CAD) and then printed. All the diamonds were then placed onto the watch. Five different forms of polishing were required to give the piece the desired final look.

The main challenge reported by Renani Jewels was assembling such a large quantity of natural diamonds with the same size, shape, color and clarity. Renani Jewels’ founder and CEO Harshit Bansal commented:

We and the whole team have worked really hard for months and this watch was created with so much passion and greatness. One should always seek for new challenges in life.

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