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IGI eLearning Spotlighted at JCK

Demonstrations of IGI’s new interactive eLearning Courses were provided to attendees of the recent JCK Las Vegas show.  The on-demand, fully responsive courses provide fundamental gemological education while emphasizing information buyers are most interested in.

Manageable Learning

More manageable than full curriculums describing diamond grading, IGI eLearning Courses are designed to educate jewelry sales professionals and consumer enthusiasts who want to learn more about diamonds, gems and jewelry. Each course takes less than 45 minutes to complete, with questions asked along the way, and ends with a 12-question quiz. The course is passed with a quiz score of 80% or better. As described by North American President Avi Levy:

We launched webinar-based education in 2020, as IGI was receiving requests from leading luxury brands as well as small businesses that wanted to keep their teams engaged and educated through distance learning. The webinar education evolved into IGI creating customized and specialized courses for sales professionals in all sectors of the industry.

Avi Levy
Avi Levy

“Precise, current and affordable”

We know the diamond and jewelry industry can be very confusing to navigate. Our goal is to deliver precise and current information which is also affordable and accessible to everyone from seasoned to entry-level trade professionals to enthusiasts that want to learn more.

See The Courses

From the 4Cs to critical new information on Lab Grown Diamonds, to the many ways the Natural Diamond value chain sustains millions of indigenous people, IGI’s Diamond Program is ideal for new professionals and veterans alike.

See all E-Learning courses available.

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