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IGI Expressions Jury Spotlight: Varuna D Jani

Free to all participants, the IGI Expressionsinternational jewelry design competition is accepting submissions through November 30.

Submitted 100% online, hand-sketched, CAD or iPad submissions will be evaluated by our esteemed panel of jurists. IGI extends sincere thanks to this celebrated group of world-class experts for their support and advocacy of new, creative talent through our IGI Expressions™ initiative.

Varuna D Jani

It’s been over ten years since Varuna D Jani burst onto the Indian jewelry scene with a fresh, modern aesthetic. One thing hasn’t changed, though, and that is her quest to surprise and delight her customers from the moment they walk in through the door. Jewelry has been an integral part of Varuna’s life for as long as she can remember. Hailing from the family behind Popley, one of India’s most renowned jewelers, she grew up with an instinctive understanding of the trade. Today, she harnesses both her expertise and unique aesthetic to create beautifully crafted, contemporary jewelry that perfectly embodies the customer’s persona. Contemporary yet timeless, unapologetically glamorous yet eminently wearable, Varuna D Jani’s jewelry has carved a distinct niche for itself in a space cluttered with lookalikes.

IGI Expressions Jurist Varuna D Jani

From Her Website

MODERN: By reinterpreting classic designs for today’s woman and today’s world, Varuna creates jewelry that’s both relevant and refreshing.

PERSONALISED: Every artist needs a muse. For Varuna, that muse is you. By understanding your individual tastes, she brings you jewelry that’s unique, beautifully fitted and intensely personal.

VERSATILE: Think cleverly crafted designs that can be worn in many ways, as part of a set or as separates. One jewel, many ways to sparkle.

MULTI-DIMENSIONAL: With immense focus on craftsmanship, her designs are exquisite from every angle, not just the top. The more you see, the more you’re mesmerize

Submit Your Design to IGI Expressions™ 

This year’s theme, “Renewal,” was selected to reflect progress and growth in the cyclical rhythm of life and nature, and mirrors our need to foster circular rejuvenation, stewardship, and inclusivity as a species. Renewal is a synonym for Regeneration & Rejuvenation. Many times, obliteration is needed for renewal; it is the contrast of darkness which makes light so eternally beautiful.

IGI Expressions 2022

Competition Categories and Segments

There are three design categories, Lightweight Jewelry, Statement Piece or Accessory. Each category features separate segments to accommodate different submission preferences; by hand-drawn Sketch, Computer Assisted Design (CAD) file or iPad file. Approximately 40-50 designs will become competition finalists, from which nine champions will be selected, one in each submission segment, for each of the three categories.

Supporting Creative Talent

IGI CEO Roland Lorie commented on the importance of supporting jewelry industry artists and bringing the winning visions to life:

IGI has been grading diamonds and gemstones for over 45 years. We also certify finished jewelry and recognize the vital role creativity plays in using gemstones to move and inspire others. We are pleased to offer the IGI Expressions™ Awards again, inviting jewelry enthusiasts around the world to participate and be recognized as IGI continues to encourage and support creative talent.

The Institute is accepting IGI Expressions submissions until Oct. 22, 2021.

IGI Expressions Information

Awards and Rewards

All competition participants will receive an official IGI Expressions™ Certificate. Finalists will receive Finalist Certificates, coverage on the IGI GemBlog and exposure on IGI’s social channels. The nine winners will see their designs fabricated by a contest partner, receive a $500 check (sanctioned regions excluded) an IGI Expressions™ Trophy, Certificate, and 3D prints of the design, as well as recognition via press coverage, IGI GemBlog and social channels. The winners will be announced on December 13, 2022.

Submit your design between October 31 and November 30

Learn more and enter your submission at IGI Expressions.

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