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IGI Expressions Jury Spotlight: Veronique Tournet

The online jewelry design competition IGI Expressionswill continue accepting submissions through Friday, October 22.

Free to all participants, the hand-sketched or CAD submissions will be evaluated by our esteemed panel of jurists. IGI extends sincere thanks to this celebrated group of all-star experts for their support and advocacy of new, creative talent through IGI Expressions

Veronique Tournet

Born in Brive-la-Gaillarde, Véronique Tournet grew up in Southwest France, ultimately studying at the SKEMA business school in Nice. After representing French luxury brands in the United States she returned to France to develop, within the Pilot Pen Group, “Namiki,” a sublime Japanese brand of lacquered fountain pens which follow a thousand-year-old tradition. In 2011, after earning her Master’s degree from the French Institute of Fashion, Véronique created “LA BRUNE & LA BLONDE,” a distinctive brand founded on the bold concept of drilling diamonds, so they are visible in 360° thus, as the artist describes, “fully honored.”

Visit LA BRUNE & LA BLONDE Website

Since its creation in 2011, the LA BRUNE & LA BLONDE signature has been the nude diamond with no setting. Thanks to the exclusive process which reveals the diamond brilliance from every angle at 360°, LA BRUNE & LA BLONDE reinvented the solitaire, this timeless jewel to be worn against the skin. From the very start the best jewelry stores, department stores and trendiest concept stores alike have trusted LA BRUNE & LA BLONDE. To the buyers’ delight, we have rewritten jewelry’s codes with our jewels. We are present in 130 stores, from Paris to New York, Tokyo and Beyrouth.

Veronique Tournet
Image credit: LA BRUNE & LA BLONDE

Submit Your Design to IGI Expressions™ 

This year’s theme, “The Freedom to Dream” was selected to inspire interpretations of the word “dream” through an original piece or set of jewelry. The competition is open to aspiring students, established designers, seasoned professionals and jewelry enthusiasts alike. Participation is free.

IGI Expressions

Competition Segments

Entrants can submit in one of three categories, Millennial Light Weight Jewelry, Cocktail Wear Jewelry or Bridal Wear Jewelry. Those categories are divided into submit hand-drawn sketch submissions versus Computer Assisted Design (CAD) file submissions. The judges will advance a number of preliminary entries to a final round, after which six champions will be determined; the winning hand-drawn sketch and the winning CAD submission in each category.

Supporting Creative Talent

IGI CEO Roland Lorie commented on the importance of supporting jewelry industry artists and bringing the winning visions to life:

IGI has been certifying diamonds and colored stones for over 45 years. We also certify finished jewelry and recognize the vital role human creativity plays in using gemstones to move and inspire others. This competition provides an open channel for all jewelry enthusiasts, and the opportunity for winners to have their designs brought to life, as IGI continues to encourage and support creative talent.

The Institute is accepting IGI Expressions submissions until Oct. 22, 2021.

IGI Expressions description

Awards and Rewards

All participants will receive an official IGI Expressions™ Certificate. Finalists will receive Finalist Certificates and exposure on social channels. The six winners will see their designs fabricated by a competition partner, receive Champion Certificates and Champion Awards, a cash honorarium, exposure on social channels and recognition via press coverage, the Premium IGI D-Show and IGI Origin International Magazine. The winners will be announced on Oct. 28, 2021.

Learn more at IGI Expressions.

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