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IGI Expressions™ Showcase: Statement Piece Finalists

From a starting pool of more than 500 submissions, IGI is pleased to present the Statement Piece designs selected as finalists from the 2022 IGI Expressions™ Jewelry Design Competition.

See competition details.

Our sincere thanks to all participants for the impressive volume of talented concepts submitted.

Finalist #1

This concept shows us how natural disaster occurs from Earth’s bottom and causes severe damage to Towers and our Life. Now during this critical situation, the most important is how these towers are Renewed by clearing and restructuring the towers.

Statement Piece Finalist 1

Finalist #2

This concept express how the human starts studying about the renewing the dead tree, while reading he himself becomes motivated and his positive rays passes towards top of tree to show its future, this makes us understand how our thoughts can renew.

Statement Piece Finalist 2

Finalist #3

The green tiny seed knew that in order to grow it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness and STRUGGLE to reach the light. Therefore we can renewal and grow from hardships too. We should take a lesson from this pic and nature as a big teacher

Statement Piece Finalist 3

Finalist #4

It’s good to fall from the clouds to the ground. How nice to land from the sky. The water grains that make up the clouds are renewed. Pure, frosty falling snowflakes. It blows away with the wind. Various snowflakes in crystals rebirth, life and death.

Statement Piece Finalist 4

Finalist #5

Inspired by Renaissance architecture, “Stairways to Heaven” is a piece created by taking characteristics from buildings built during the movement, conveying the concept of physical, mental, spiritual rebirth and new beginnings in life.

Statement Piece Finalist 5

Finalist #6

The name of my design is flight. I was inspired by the butterfly coming out of the cocoon. This movement is a beginning and a renewal and shows the movement from darkness to light.

Statement Piece Finalist 6

Finalist #7

The extinction of dinosaurs changed the earth and gave birth to new species, which is the change of a new era. Every morning, a new light rises to bring warmth. Nature & life, cuz of this beam of light, change, progress & grow freely in the cycle.

Statement Piece Finalist 7

Finalist #8

Willow tree awakens from the pearl of Tahiti, which represents the earth, and the willow branches are bathed in sunlight & flutter in wind to summon swallows returning from the north. And the meaning of spring is to emerge from the cold.

Statement Piece Finalist 8

Finalist #9

Reflect the lustre – Renewal is not just innovation and change. It is also the process of bringing the results with shiny. “Coming together is a beginning; staying together is bringing lustre & beauty.

Statement Piece Finalist 9

Finalist #10

Seeing life-giving beauty of roots: What can bring life back to the apparently lifeless body of a plant. Or in a metaphorical form, the cultural roots that can give living to an individual or a society through the turbulence of time.

Statement Piece Finalist 10

Finalist #11

A new branch grew out of an old trunk. Black and gold like darkness and light. Pearls are hidden in the necklace and were scattered after a winter’s gestation. The tourmaline symbolizing hope like ice melted in spring. A bud represents the rebirth.

Statement Piece Finalist 11

Finalist #12

The necklace is inspired by the spring equinox and can be worn two ways; it can be worn with the blue side at the front and yellow hanging down the back of the wearer or vice versa. Please note this is painted as if the necklace were laid flat.

Statement Piece Finalist 12

Finalist #13

The revolutionary renewal Iranian women created in their society is at the cost of their lives. This necklace, a tribute to their sacrifice, is characterized by the face of a woman heading towards the future and looking away from the past darkness.

Statement Piece Finalist 13

Finalist #14

The Ocean needs us to save their lives. By my design, I want to picture our suffering ocean still having “Hope” to live better. Renewal in the way of life and provision for our future will bring a Hope to our Ocean.

Statement Piece Finalist 14

Finalist #15

Fungi the hardy mushroom is a representation of the resilience that exists in nature, it represents renewal, rejuvenation and regeneration and returning back stronger with its adaptogenic abilities. Humankind is a direct reflection of this nature.

Statement Piece Finalist 15

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