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IGI Expressions™ Winner Spotlight: Melika Etemadi

IGI Congratulates Melika Etemadi

Melika is a 2021 IGI ExpressionsJewelry Design Competition Winner, receiving Honorary Mention from IGI for her unique and innovative design.

The IGI Expressions™ concept is the depiction of emotion; the very essence of life. From birth, expression is the way we show love, anger, happiness, gratitude, pride, jealousy, honor, trust and more.

2021 Honorary Mention

Our thanks to Imaginarium for bringing this design to life.

Melika Etemadi

Melika Etemadi was born in 1995. She became acquainted with jewelry design in 2003 while attending university and went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in industrial design from the Art University of Isfahan. Now an Iranian Jewelry Designer, Melika has won four international competitions, designs for various worldwide jewelry brands, and holds a position as a university professor instructing design courses at Gemod’art Academy in Tehran.

IGI Expressions Winner Melika Etemadi

According to Melika, the field of jewelry design is interesting because it is complex and delicate while, at the same time, is constantly changing and growing – which makes it attractive.

Original Design

IGI Expressions Winner Melika Etemadi

Finished Creation

IGI Expressions Winner Melika Etemadi

Thank you, Jurists

Six other champion designs were selected in three different categories by a panel of renowned jewelry and fashion industry experts including Italy’s Paolo De Luca, India’s Pallavi Foley, David Gotlib from Belgium, Ashraf Motiwala from India, England’s Katerina Perez and Veronique Tournet from France. Selected from 555 submissions representing 21 countries, this year’s creative works were all designed as interpretations of the word “dream,” the competition’s theme. IGI thanks our esteemed jurists for sharing their time and expertise and advocating for jewelry design.

IGI Expressions

Dreams become reality.

The six champion designs and honorary mention were all featured at the Premium D Show in Goa, India. The winning participants receive an  competition Champion Certificate, Champion Award, and small cash honorarium. Those artists and their creations are receiving further exposure here, in IGI’s pan-Indian ORIGIN Magazine and across the institute’s various worldwide social channels.

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