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IGI Hong Kong certifies largest CVD grown diamond to date

Following a similar benchmark set three months ago, IGI Hong Kong recently certified the largest laboratory-grown diamond received to date.

With a finished weight of 12.75 carats, this collection-quality man-made gemstone was fashioned from a staggering 46.20 carat CVD-grown rough crystal. The creator, Shanghai Zhengshi Technology Co. Ltd., says it is the largest CVD laboratory-grown diamond ever produced.

IGI gemologists confirmed that the 12.75-carat stone was Type IIa, giving it exceptional chemical purity and transparency, with VVS2 clarity, F color, and triple-excellent marks in cut-quality and finish.

Following detailed scientific analysis, the laboratory confirmed that the stone had not undergone any post-growth treatments, so it can be categorized as a truly pure CVD diamond.

Bob Van Es, managing director of IGI Hong Kong commented:

A laboratory grown diamond of this carat weight, with such a high clarity and color grade is a remarkable achievement in the area of CVD cultivated diamond technology. As the industry leader in the certification of laboratory grown diamonds, IGI will continue to follow these new developments closely.

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