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IGI Lab-Grown Reports now Indicate Treatments

Delivering accurate information to the end consumer has always been IGI’s priority.

Announcing a New Detail

In a proactive move, delivering even more information to jewelry sellers and buyers around the world, IGI has added a new component to its lab-grown diamond grading reports.

For untreated Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) diamonds, the new reports will outline the individual growth process. They will also indicate, specifically, that those stones are “as grown with no indication of post-growth treatment.” For the other CVD-created diamonds, the reports will note that the stone “may include post-growth treatment.”

See a short video showing HPHT versus CVD growth

Continuous Improvement

The development, shared by Rapaport News and In Store magazine, reflects IGI’s process of continuous improvement and adaptation.

As stated by CEO Roland Lorie:

The popularity of lab-grown diamonds has heightened since IGI debuted the industry’s first reporting of the man-made gemstones 16 years ago. As the technology advances and demand evolves, the Institute will continue to do right by the consumer and provide the highest quality of certification and customer service.

IGI CEO Roland Lorie

Diamond Type Analysis

In addition to reporting the possibility of post-growth treatments, customers will have the opportunity to request specific diamond types, including type IIa for CVD diamonds and type II for HPHT diamonds. These developments, according to Managing Director Arnaud Lorie, serve the dual purpose of enhancing IGI’s offerings while serving the best interests of consumers:

We recognize that our customers deserve the highest level of confidence for their fine jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones, and we are proud to unveil a new level of transparency in our reporting.

The Institute is now working toward the incorporation of additional commentary for post-growth treatment of fancy color diamonds.

Visit this page to see the official Press Release.

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