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IGI North American President featured in INSTORE

Styled “the most-loved and most-trusted publication for American Jewelers,” INSTORE published an article featuring business-advice for jewelers from Avi Levy, North American President for IGI Worldwide.

Prepare to be stronger

Advocating proactivity during the ongoing crisis, Avi champions the premise that “this can’t be an ‘only the strong survive’ scenario.”

We must recognize that consumers are not in a position to prioritize spending on fine jewelry and accessories. Companies must also simultaneously determine how work can be done remotely or in the safest way possible for employees onsite to ensure the health and safety of staff while still propelling their businesses forward.

Observing that shoppers will emerge with higher standards, Avi believes authenticity and transparency will be what stabilize and propel successful companies forward in the future.

This may be the most dramatic shift in business we’ll ever live through, and if history is any indication, consumers will come out of this more demanding than ever. While jewelry will remain one of the most sentimental categories, transparency and authenticity will be crucial values for companies to uphold. Customers will want (and need) the utmost confidence in what they buy after an extended period of unpredictability.

Omni-channel innovation

Avi encourages companies to be innovative and create various avenues to continue reaching stakeholders by capitalizing on digital platforms, bringing online education to their employees and publishing content to keep their target audience engaged.


When the dust settles, we will see elevated success for brands that transformed their brick-and-mortar business into a thriving omnichannel operation. This period of ideation can serve as a beacon of hope and will help empower the sector to be stronger once we’re on the other side of this pandemic.

Read the article in its entirety: IGI North American President Sees Omni-Channel Retail as the Way Forward

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