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IGI publishes ‘New Normal’ advice via JCK online

IGI has provided insight and advice to diamond, gem and jewelry industry professionals in tandem with JCK Online’s sponsored-content initiative: “Solving New Trends in the New Normal” addresses explosive growth in two disruptive industry areas.

1. The evolution of online shopping

From electronics to jewelry, the way consumers research and purchase has shifted from showrooms to their living rooms. And whether it’s electronics or jewelry, consumers want to know they are making safe decisions.

eBay India manager Vidmay Naini recently stated that online shopping is here to stay: “Recent digital adoption will be permanent.” From the way children are learning to the way we’re taking in sports, collaborating on the job and socializing, things have fundamentally changed in our actions and interactions. Front and center is the way people shop across the board, whether shopping for necessity or luxury.

Read about IGI’s Gems and Jewelry Certification program in cooperation with eBay India in our prior GemBlog post.

2. The growth of lab-grown diamond inventories and sales

IGI broke status quo 15 years ago, offering full grading services for lab-grown diamonds. Our decision to accept, study, and fully grade lab-grown diamonds provided the first meaningful foothold in terms of authenticity and standardization for that growing industry segment in 2005.

Whether or not one sells lab-grown diamonds, their presence in the market makes education and about their similarities and differences from natural diamonds compulsory for industry professionals who wish to fully inform their clients.

Embracing a variety of Gemological Services

Solving new trends in the new normal does not require a reinvention. It may require “reading the room” and expanding your paradigms, but a value proposition you’ve been successful with should continue to be successful as long as it reaches the right audience.

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