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IGI Returns to Jewelry Shanghai 2023

IGI China returned to the stage at Jewelry Shanghai 2023 after a three-year hiatus due to the Covid pandemic. The institute showcased the latest developments in the lab-grown diamond sector, all categories of IGI reports, and hosted a thought-leadership seminar.

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Thought leadership

“Committing to sustainable development, cultivating jewelry talents,” presented on the first day of the event, included a number of prominent industry leaders including Ms. Qian Hui, editor-in-chief of “InStyle Youjia Pictorial,” Mr. Gao Feng, deputy director of the Luxury Professional Committee of Shanghai Chamber of Commerce and former Commercial Director of Hermes China, Mr. Ye Xiang, the director of industry development and marketing of Platinum Guild International (PGI®) in China, Ms. Mao Wen, an international independent jewelry consultant and Mr. Yongwoon Sim, General Manager of IGI China. The seminar was hosted by Ms. Veer Wu, the head of IGI China marketing department.

IGI at Jewelry Shanghai 2023

Hearts & Arrows Theme

IGI’s booth was designed to reflect Hearts & Arrows (H&A) symbolism, a category of diamonds cut so precisely that their facet reflections overlap when seen in a reflective scope. Hearts & Arrows precision is typically associated with Excellent-Ideal cut diamonds of superior quality.

IGI at Jewelry Shanghai 2023

Asian cutters in the 1980s were first to produce diamonds with the exacting precision needed to create Hearts & Arrows patterns. IGI subsequently pioneered grading criteria and issued reports for Hearts & Arrows diamonds. By the mid-1990s diamonds in the “H&A” category began appearing on other continents.

Comprehensive Grading

Exhibition attendees were shown a comprehensive display of IGI standard and co-branded reports; for natural and lab grown diamonds, finished jewelry, colored stones and premium jewelry. With a wide-ranging portfolio that covers every aspect of the industry, IGI continues to provide confidence and peace of mind to businesses in every sector.

IGI at Jewelry Shanghai 2023

In 2005 IGI became the first institute to certify laboratory grown diamonds. At this year’s Jewelry Shangai, IGI exhibited a 27.33 carat CVD grown diamond, one of the largest submitted to IGI’s Shanghai location, showcasing the rapid development of the lab grown diamond industry in China.

IGI at Jewelry Shanghai 2023

Having established the first benchmarks and standards, IGI has closely followed the evolution of the lab grown diamond industry. For the exhibition, IGI showcased HPHT and CVD grown rough diamond crystals and polished loose stones.

IGI at Jewelry Shanghai 2023

To safeguard the industry by decisively separating natural and lab grown diamonds, IGI developed and maintains a sophisticated diamond testing system known as D-Check. IGI experts brought the system to the exhibition to display the process of natural and lab-grown diamond separation.

IGI at Jewelry Shanghai 2023

To encourage diamond cutting innovation, IGI issues co-branded reports with multiple jewelry brands. IGI was the first laboratory to establish and promote fancy shape cut grading, setting the industry’s first 3EX standard for fancy shapes. The institute also recognizes and establishes corresponding grades for novel cutting styles.

IGI at Jewelry Shanghai 2023

As an organization committed to serving end consumers, who purchase jewelry more frequently than loose gemstones, IGI also fully grades finished jewelry and recognizes premium jewelry pieces.

IGI at Jewelry Shanghai 2023

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