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Leysen receives IGI Diamond Cutting Award in China

On November 17th IGI honored Leysen with a diamond craftsmanship award, recognizing the jewelry Maison’s ‘Blue Flame Diamond.’ The ceremony, attended by diplomats, industry principals and members of the press, took place at the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Belgium in Shanghai.

Leysen Chairman Marco Ma, accompanied by Consul General Bruno Jans, received the “Extraordinary Diamond Cut Exemplar” award from IGI China General Manager Yong Sim. Others in attendance included Borui Lin, Brand Manager for Leysen, and Simona Sha, Executive Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar in China.

Bruno Jans, Marco Ma and Yong Sim
Bruno Jans, Marco Ma and Yong Sim

The Blue Flame Diamond

Drawing inspiration from the Art Deco era, the 89-facet Blue Flame Diamond is uniquely designed so the wearer will see a heart shape, deep in the pavilion, when viewed from the top. The additional facets and central heart pattern work together to enhance the diamond’s fire, scintillation and overall aesthetic.

IGI and Leysen Blue Flame Diamond

Eight Facet Tiers

Leysen’s design employs eight tiers of facets. 49 are arranged in five tiers on the crown, the remaining 40 in three tiers on the pavilion. Junction lines between the lower girdle and pavilion main facets are carefully fashioned to create the heart shape, which reflects deep in the diamond between the culet and pavilion mains.

Leysen Blue Flame Diamond

True Heart, Only For You

The Blue Flame Diamond is being promoted with the slogan, True Heart, Only For You. This expression was chosen in reference to the gemstone’s unique design: What the wearer will possess is not just the fiery sparks from the diamond, but the reflection of a true heart for love.

Yong Sim and Borui Lin
Yong Sim and Borui Lin

Extraordinary Diamond Cut Exemplar

Established in 1855, Leysen pairs century-old craftsmanship experience with continuous pursuit of excellence. This award was presented in recognition of the Maison’s dedication to modern innovation, while simultaneously using traditional icons of love and emotion to connect with consumers.

IGI Diamond Cutting Award

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