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Petra finds 5 rare blue diamonds totaling 85+ carats!

Can we call them the Blues Brothers?

Individually weighing 25.75 carats, 21.25 carats, 17.57 carats, 11.42 carats and 9.61 carats, Petra Diamonds reports these spectacular siblings to be individual stones, not originally part of a larger diamond.

Mother Cullinan does it again

Not only did the Cullinan Mine (nee Premier, her maiden-name) produce the world’s largest diamond, 3,106 carats, cut into the Great Star of Africa and other prominent diamonds, many of which were set into the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom (you can read all about that in my post “Largest diamond ever”)

Not only is Mother Cullinan the world’s most important source of blue diamonds. She is also providing these spectacular blue diamonds at a much-needed time, as the pandemic takes its toll on many diamond miners, including our friends at Petra.

Photo credit: Petra Diamonds

A rich legacy of color

In addition to the Cullinan, the only reliable source of valuable blue diamonds, Petra’s mines include the Williamson, famous for its bubblegum-pink diamonds, and the Finsch, known for fancy yellow diamonds.

The last blue diamond of significance, weighing 20.08 carats,  was recovered at the Cullinan mine in September 2019, making the recovery of these five “Blues Brothers” over the course of a single week even more special and significant.

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