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Presenting the IGI Jewelry Design Contest Winners

Attracting over 700 entries, the first IGI JEWEL Jewelry Design Contest has concluded.

In July, 2020 IGI called upon the world’s creatives to step forward with resounding success. Jewelers, artists, teachers, students and enthusiasts were invited to submit concepts in four categories. Participation was free and open to anyone.

images from the first IGI JEWEL Jewelry Design Contest

Now, after a half year of conception, creation and fabrication, a Grand Champion, two Silver Medalists and four Outstanding Design Awards have been selected from an array of exceptional finalist designs.

Special Jury

IGI’s international panel of prestigious judges included Stephen WebsterDavid Gotlib, Paola De Luca, Alexandre CorrotMauro Vegliante, Maria Laura La Mantia, Philip Sajet and Zheng Liangdong, along with special jurists Wang Jin Yuan of Fosun, Jiang Qionger of Shangxia and Jing Jing of Bazaar Jewelry. Submissions were judged from perspectives of creativity, use of materials, budget, feasibility of production and wearability.

The contest theme, “Collision and Fusion,” had dual meaning. Implying crystal collision in gemstone growth and stylistic cultural fusion, it also reflected the collision of our shared global experience and the fusion of human adaptation during the ongoing pandemic.

IGI sincerely thanks the fine jurists, and expresses appreciation and congratulations to the hundreds of talented creatives who participated in this inaugural event.

Champion Spotlight

Design: “Light of The Spirit”

Concept: Western Art Deco style combines with Eastern Zen and hard metal texture blends with light gauze. It is intended to express: Although people cannot extend their lives, they can determine the width of their lives. No matter what the situation, the inner spiritual light still shines and continues.

Materials: Gold (12g), diamonds and tulle measuring 80 mm x 50 mm.

Prizes: Cash Award, IGI Graduate Gemologist Scholarship, Overseas Study, Contest Award Trophy and Certificate.

Final Creation

jewelry design champion "Light of The Spirit"

Artist’s Comment:

I don’t want to define myself as any kind of designer, I just want to be a designer who kept leaving my ideology in the world in different forms through design. There are always countless possibilities in the future. – Ms. Ying He, Contest Champion

Silver Medal Design (1 of 2)

Design: “Calligraphy”

Concept: Brushstroke Dragon and Snake calligraphy is described as vivid and vigorous. It comes from the verses of Li Bai admiring the calligraphy of the great calligrapher Huai Su. This work is designed with the word “snake” as its shape.

Materials: Diamonds and gold.

Prizes: Cash Award, IGI Diamond Graduate Scholarship, Overseas Study, Contest Award Trophy and Certificate.

Final Creation

jewelry design "calligraphy"

Silver Medal Design (2 of 2)

Design: “The Garden of Dreams”

Concept: Inspired by the Kunqu opera, The Peony Pavilion, the work is based on the theme of the play “A Dream in the Garden” and recreates the beautiful love story. The dream (the upper part of the earrings) and the love (the lower part of the earrings) are connected by the “garden” (the middle portion). The dream is false but the love is true.

Materials: Gold, sapphires, tourmalines, emeralds, tsavorites, turquoise, diamonds.

Prizes: Cash Award, IGI Diamond Graduate Scholarship, Overseas Study, Contest Award Trophy and Certificate.

Final Creation

jewelry design "The Garden of Dreams"

More to Come

Stay subscribed to the IGI GemBlog: We will feature the remaining four Outstanding Design Awards in a post coming soon.

The IGI JEWEL Jewelry Design Contest is intended to foster artistic communication, cultural diversity and beauty through modern jewelry design. We hope the outstanding works from this year’s contest will attract and inspire future participation from creatives around the world who love jewelry, design, and life.

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