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See Fantastic Fancy Colored Lab Grown Diamonds

As lab grown producers continue to sharpen their skills we are seeing quality advancements in many areas, including fancy colors. This video compilation features a visual buffet of colored lab grown diamonds, recently submitted to IGI North America for grading.

Our thanks to Ben Hakman and the team at Fire Diamonds for permission to share the images and information.

IGI: Fancy Colored Lab Grown Diamonds

A Dynamic Dozen

The first seven pear shapes seen in the video range between 1.00 and 1.16 carats, spanning a range of fancy, fancy-intense and fancy-vivid saturation around the color wheel. The next four heart shapes weigh between 1.01 and 1.19 carats and are fancy-pink, fancy-vivid blue, fancy-vivid pink and fancy-vivid orangy-yellow. Their clarities range from VVS1 to SI1.

#12 commands its own attention.

The standout specimen in this colorful collection is the 10.16 carat fancy orangy-red modified cross step cut. Polished from a single rough CVD produced diamond crystal, the unique design employs creative pavilion faceting which keeps the saturation strong across the length and width of the generous table facet, which measures a standout 82% of the stone’s average diameter. With total depth of 15.5% the design maximizes vertical spread, reaching a length and width of 26.00 x 21.58 millimeters.

10.16 carat Cross Shape
Photo credit: Fire Diamonds

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