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Students from 12 Countries in one IGI Antwerp Class

Last month IGI instructed a Polished Diamond Course in Antwerp attended by 15 students from 12 different countries; the most nationalities hosted in one class at IGI’s 14 worldwide schools since the pandemic.

Students from Albania, Austria, Belgium, Botswana, Canada, Germany, Greece, Japan, Kuwait, Poland, Serbia and The Philippines gathered together for in-person instruction and hands-on learning. The IGI Polished Diamond Course consists of 80 hours of instruction, covering natural and lab grown diamond formation, craftsmanship, gemological assessment and valuation, among other details.

Students at IGI

Recognizing the diversity in his classroom, IGI Antwerp Manager of Education Jean-Mathieu Mangnay invited several of his students to share their reasons for pursuing gemology and how they planned to put what they were learning to use.

Olga – Canada

Olga is an established jewelry designer from Montreal. She met a Jewelry History instructor there who recommended the IGI School of Gemology to her.

Student at IGI

Olga plans to use IGI’s gemological training to enhance and expand on her current skills as a jewelry designer.

Student at IGI

Otar – Germany

Otar’s father, originally from Azerbaijan, was an IGI student long ago. Otar is now following in his father’s footsteps, and plans to put his IGI training to use in the family jewelry company.

Student at IGI

Nadra – Kuwait

Nadra is an event coordinator, working part time in a jewelry boutique. She learned about IGI from family members who attended IGI’s School of Gemology in Dubai, and will use the training to further her career in the jewelry industry.

Student at IGI

Jessica – Belgium

Jessica works for a Belgian diamond company. She learned about IGI from friends and colleagues and is attending IGI’s school in Antwerp to improve her knowledge.

Student at IGI

Dominique – Austria

Dominique has a brother who travels between Africa and Antwerp, trading in rough diamonds. After completing his education, Dominique plans to team up with his brother, who was also trained at IGI.

Student at IGI


Others in the multinational group included a goldsmith, a watch specialist, the owner of a jewelry brand in Asia and a lawyer who’d like to start a career in jewelry. Many were directed to IGI’s School of Gemology by IGI alumni in their countries. Others learned of IGI through research, jewelry trade shows or industry contacts.

As we celebrate this notably international group for joining us at IGI, we congratulate all of our students around the world and welcome everyone interested in learning about diamonds, gems and jewelry to contact us for information.

Students at IGI

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