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‘Style Collective’ Announces 2021 Holiday Jewelry Trends

The Style Collective has spoken

Each year the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) projects the latest jewelry trends, as identified by their “Style Collective,” a group of leaders across jewelry, fashion and media. This year is especially interesting, since jewelry sales have continued to break prior years’ records through 2021, which forecasts an especially strong holiday season.

NDC: 2021 Holiday Jewelry Trends


Welcome to a whimsical new jewelry movement where pieces are designed for an underlying sense of unexpectedness, humor and joy.

GO GLAM: Black & White

There’s no more dramatic pairing than shadowy black and bright white. Throw diamonds into the mix and the high-contrast duo makes for an unbelievably striking, ultra-glamorous look.


Let your inner seductress out by way of sexy serpent jewels that slither around the body’s curves, while standing for strength and new beginnings.


Gone are the days when “engagement ring” is synonymous with “solitaire.” Two-stone styles are winning over millennial couples, but also have historic roots.

The Style Collective

The minds behind the 2021 Holiday Trend Report include celebrity Image Architect Law Roach – Chief Commercial Officer for MATCHESFASHION, Elizabeth Von der Goltz  -The creator of @willsnotebook, Will Kahn – Founder of The Adventurine Marion Fasel – Author of The Jewelry Diaries  Jennifer McCurry – Town & Country Magazine editor Jill Newman – and British Vogue’s Rachel Garrahan.

Read more on the Natural Diamond Council website.

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