As the world’s first gemological laboratory to commit to carbon neutrality, IGI is dedicated to uniting the industry through proactive environmental stewardship. Jewelers On A Mission is our continuing campaign - dedicated to highlighting leaders in the sustainability movement and sharing tactical actions we can take at every step in the supply chain, from sourcing to the end consumer.

Jewelers on a Mission Sustainability Spotlight

Check out these inspiring impact stories from the leaders in sustainability today. Learn how your business can get involved.
This is Jewelers on a Mission.

IGI’s carbon-neutral commitment

IGI became the first gemological laboratory to commit to carbon neutrality in 2021, now working to achieve that goal through a partnership with SCS. Since 1984 SCS has been advancing sustainable development goals across multiple sectors through auditing, testing, certification and developing leadership standards to create a framework for continuous improvement. As the first gemological institute to make this commitment, IGI joins other proactive industry leaders in association with SCS Global Services.

What does carbon-neutral mean?

As defined by SCS, carbon-neutral operations cause no net increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to the atmosphere. Where emissions continue, they must be offset by absorbing an equivalent amount from the atmosphere, for example through carbon capture and reforestation that are supported by carbon offset schemes. Carbon Neutral status can be achieved by any organization, product or event that can demonstrate that there has been no net increase in GHG emissions, either by verified reduction in GHG emissions, through the purchase of quantified and verified carbon offsets, or a combination of both.

Can my business become carbon neutral?

Yes. From establishing robust metrics through environmental impact analyses and carbon footprints to setting ambitious goals and sustainability strategies, to reporting out progress to stakeholders and investors, SCS’ consultants serve as thought partners to deliver innovative tools and solutions customized to business needs. Whether you’re a start-up, mid-stage or well-established leader in an industry, and regardless of your ESG or sustainability experience, SCS works with you as both a trusted partner of your team and a collaborative innovator to help you drive better business decisions that also support a thriving planet.

Photo by Collin Maynard

‘SCS is sincere, savvy and science-based and really helps take you where you want to go. We partnered with SCS because we want to be an industry leader in environmental stewardship and they are the best in the business.’

Avi Levy

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